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Vol. 1: Glossary of Orthodontic Terms


Have you ever had trouble communicating effectively with another member of your team or explaining a complicated concept?
This long-awaited glossary, which comes as a book and CD-ROM set, contains over 2,800 definitions of terms and concepts pertaining to orthodontics and its related fields. Definitions are accompanied where appropriate by clearly drawn illustrations.

Setting a standard as a reference source for orthodontists worldwide, the Glossary of Orthodontic Terms is an essential resource for graduates and undergraduates, dental students, and all health professionals who work in collaboration with orthodontists. A wealth of current, concise, clinically relevant information is concentrated into a single volume.

The Glossary of Orthodontic Terms has been endorsed by the World Federation of Orthodontists:

World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO)

"The WFO has attached its logo and endorsement to this work with care and pride. We believe the glossary will help both the WFO and the orthodontic scientific community achieve a mutual goal of effective communication in orthodontics worldwide."

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