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The Challenge

To bring innovation and exceptional quality to new concepts in continuing education using the latest technology via computer simulation.

"Dynamics of Orthodontics" is an international multimedia project that was undertaken to present the world of orthodontics in a new and fascinating way. The objectives of the project are:

  • Creation of an internationally accepted glossary to define the terms and concepts used in orthodontics and its related fields
  • Demonstration of dynamic biological processes through computer-animated three-dimensional imaging of facial growth and dentition
  • Support of a flexible learning method based on interactive multimedia programs to make the world of knowledge more transparent
  • Clarification of complex methods in diagnosis and therapy to support treatment decision-making
  • Contribution toward a knowledge management system in orthodontics that is easy to navigate
  • Multilingual presentation to facilitate global collaboration.

The book/CD-ROM set Glossary of Orthodontic Terms - which has received the endorsement of the World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) - is the foundation of the "Dynamics of Orthodontics" project because it contains the fundamental information necessary for knowledge navigation.

The video programs provide insight into the fascinating dynamics of facial growth and development of the dentition through 3-D animation of a quality never before attained.

The CD-ROM programs complement and expand on the contents of the videos by addressing special topics - such as biomechanics, diagnosis, and appliance therapy - in a more comprehensive fashion. In addition, the CD-ROMs help users identify deficiencies in their knowledge and then use computer-based training to address these gaps.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our international team of experts, scientists, and practitioners for their dedication and commitment to this project, which we hope will add an exciting new dimension to the study of orthodontics.

The Result
Competence on an international scale at the highest level possible in the world of orthodontics.

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