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"Facial Growth, Dentition and Function" (Volume 5) available now
The world of orthodontics in an interactive tutorial format! This computer-based tutorial (CBT) program combines the contents of earlier "Dynamics or Orthodontics" modules (Volumes 2, 3, and 4) on a single DVD. Additionally, the tutorial package introduces new concepts related to the complex interactions between facial growth, tooth development, and function, making this program a one-stop, professional, state-of-the-art teaching and learning module. The tutorial allows users to repeatedly test their knowledge of particular subjects as many times as needed; both the current score as well as the maximum possible score are displayed after each test. In this way, users may test their knowledge and correct any deficits on an individualized basis. This new DVD-ROM contains 110 short video sequences and more than 460 high-quality illustrations and diagrams together with written and spoken text that can be reproduced in six different langages.
"Facial Orthopedics" (Volume 2b) is published now
Methods of influencing facial growth through facial orthopedics are demonstrated, including explanations of their modes of action and their long-term effects. Facial orthopedics has the potential to improve functional conditions, promote a more favorable jaw relationship, guide the development of the dentition, and improve the position of malaligned teeth. Multiple clinical examples, including several short video clips, demonstrate how and when to treat as well as the outcome of various facial-orthopedic procedures. All of the written and spoken text can be reproduced in six different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese).
"Facial Growth" (Volume 2a) now available
Multimedia at its best: In this exciting new DVD-ROM, a dozen videos and more than 250 pictures are grouped in six chapters together with written and spoken text that can be reproduced in six different langages. Imagine a mixture of a presentation, a video and a book: that's what you get with this volume. You can navigate through the chapters and even the single assets by yourself or sit back and watch - it's at your choice. A seventh chapter contains various 3D animations of embryonic development which can be freely rotated and zoomed.
Total duration time: approx. 43 minutes
Production started for Volume 2a
This volume ("Facial Growth") will be published as a DVD-ROM and not, as formerly announced, on a VHS cassette. It will contain a fully interactive presentation consisting of illustrations, text and never-before seen videos of prenatal development. Volume 2a will be first presented at the "77th Meeting of the DGKFO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie)" on September 22, 2004 in Freiburg, Germany.
Multilingual Glossary of Orthodontic Terms available now
This fully interactive CD-ROM provides all six language versions of the glossary. More than 4.000 orthodontic and related terms may be searched in the full text of the English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese language. A shift between the search results in any language is easily possible by simply clicking on the appropriate tag. The articles are lavishly illustrated with approx. 350 explicative pictures known from the printed books.
Volumes 6-10 discarded
It has been decided to discontinue working on volumes 6 through 10. Therefore, these parts will not be published in this series. The former Volume 11 (Multilingual Glossary of Orthodontic Terms) has been renamed to Volume 1a.
Production started for a multilingual glossary
Immediately after accomplishing the Portuguese edition preparations for the "Multilingual Glossary of Orthodontic Terms" have been commenced. This work will be published exclusively as a CD-ROM and provides all six language versions of the glossary. A prominent feature of this interactive production will be that the translation of retrieved terms can be displayed in each other language.
The Multilingual Glossary of Orthodontic Terms will be available in May 2004.
"Glossário de Termos da Ortodontia - Ortopedia Facial" published
Along with the publication of the Portuguese edition the translation of volume 1 in every language of the project is now completed.
"Lexikon kieferorthopädischer Begriffe" erschienen
Lexikon kieferorthopädischer BegriffeDieses lang erwartete Werk (Buch und CD-ROM) enthält über 2.800 Definitionen von Begriffen und Konzepten der Kieferorthopädie und verwandter Bereiche. Zahlreiche klare Grafiken und Tabellen unterstützen die Definitionen und verdeutlichen die Sachverhalte.
Volumes 3 and 4 on DVD
Vol. 3a, 3b and 4 have been reissued on DVD in all six languages. Vol. 3a and 3b have been combined on a single DVD in both PAL and NTSC format. Volume 4 is also available in PAL and NTSC format. Therefore, these two DVDs can be played on any equipment worldwide (computers or TV sets) in any of the six project languages.

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